We are in defense mode. We wear netting hats and cover ourselves with repellent. Lots of repellent. I am surprised we can stand being close to each other. Along with the beautiful water views have come battalions of mosquitoes ducking and weaving, they retreat and reform and attack again. They are fast and persistent.

My father flew mosquitoes in Africa and India in the Second World War. That was a great choice of name for the bomber. When the mosquito finally came into existence in 1940, it was the fastest airplane in the skies. It was made of wood and glued together by a huge team of cabinet makers and carpenters. That was quite clever of Geoffrey de Havilland, whose idea it was, as England  had a lot of men proficient in wood working at that time.

It started with only two crew and bombs. No anti aircraft guns to defend itself. The idea was it could escape attack because it was so fast. Because it was so light it could travel further  than other planes.  I think Mr de Havilland studied the mosquito quite closely.

Outside, where the roses are spectacular,  they are mobbing me. Someone has suggested spraying with Pyrethrum.

I was given an interesting recipe yesterday for squirting the little horrors.

1 litre listerine, + 3 cups of epsom salts + 1 bottle of beer. Someone said all I was doing was making them drunk. Hundreds of thousands of them swaying around and slurping blood

Sounds good to me.

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