Tour Down Under

Recently seven intrepid New South Wales Corriedale breeders embarked on a tour to have a look at some Victorian Corriedale Studs. We set off amid reports of major flooding and storm warnings. I had never been on a sheep stud tour before and I must say it is something I can thoroughly recommend. The weather was perfect, by the way.

First to Loddon Park, where Shane Baker showed us his sale rams,and some ewes and lambs.. Moving along to Darryl MacDonalds at Porcupine Ridge, Jan, we will never forget those cheesecake tarts and homemade sausage rolls  and I can tell you that a thousand Corriedale ewes and lambs decorating the picturesque hillsides of Porcupine Ridge is a sight to behold.

The second day we were ushered straight in to look at the ewes and lambs, mustered into the yards for us at the Venters, Springdale, near Geelong and a drive round the farm. Morning tea was magnificent, Brenda thank you for the scones, and then on to meet Milton and Charlie Savage for lunch. Milton had a large mob in the shearing shed for us to inspect and we enjoyed the intense and ensuing discussion. Each place was special, to see the flock on their home ground, and how, even though they were barely one hundred kilometers from each other, each flock was individual representing the type their breeders were looking for..there was no holding back, We thank each breeder for being so generous and welcoming.

At the Deniliquin Peppin Museum, Amanda Kemp discovered a row of Corriedale Flock Books starting at No 1, which was a most interesting start to our trip.  We discovered both the Venters and the MacDonalds had been on their farms for around one hundred and fifty years. Meeting the next generation of breeders was wonderful, Shane Baker and Finn MacDonald and Amanda and lastly,Charlie Savage, were all interesting to talk to. So looking for something different  – I recommend a sheep stud tour, of Corriedales, of course.

Now you may be wondering about the elephants? Jim Venters has them in his garden. We think he may have remembered Corbett’s description of his rams – the size of Shetland Ponies……. Elephants?

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