Hooray High Country Secrets is Released.

It’s here. The release date and I feel like I’m all dressed up with nowhere to go. I’ve got the party hat on and the hooter in my hand.   Where’s the party. Where’s the people?

E books is a different world. .. and exciting because I’ve no idea where it will lead me.

Writing a book is like being on a roller coaster ride. You start slowly with the characters, the story, pulling you up and up and you’ve no idea where you’re going. And then you finish. That is always a real high. The best adrenaline rush there is. That precise moment. Before you start to fall…..

Not that the book is ever finished. You realise that as soon as you get that amazing email. ‘Yes, we love it.’ Okay, I admit that’s a complete rush to one’s ego and up we go again.

I did it, we punch the air and hover at the top.

Not quite. Editing and more editing, which I actually love because sometimes you don’t see very clearly through the tunnel vision of your own writing. A few curves.  I admit that. And I certainly can’t complain that it’s taken a long time – because it hasn’t. I’ve barely managed to catch my breath.

The roller coaster slowly pulls into the station and the people pour out, shaken and happy.


Then you realise it’s not about me.   It’s about Jessie and Michael, I love them both and I want to share their story with you all. This time of year, the air is crisp and clear on the Monaro. The mountains in the distance are purple. The animals content because of the recent rain. There are lots of calves and a few lambs cavorting around. There is a real place for a bit of romance in our world, come and join them.

And this is an E book –   all you have to do is click.

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