The Show

Animals, people, noise.  I must admit though, the loud music from the skateboarding had been turned off which was a blessing.  So it was wonderful to get a fresh breeze coming through the big windows at the back of the pavilion. The sheep seem quite calm and contented.  Some of them become very friendly and want a pat anytime you stand beside them. The kids who help us are fantastic.  They have their favourites, too, that they hold. Abbey blitzed the ewes and Elsworth got the Reserve Champion Ram.  I know it sounds very grand but it actually is second.  Errol won the best head, which is no surprise ( see below)  and we ended up with the most successful exhibitor for the Corriedale section.

It was a big year for Corriedales this year as it is one hundred years since the Australian Corriedale Association was formed down in Melbourne.  It is quite arresting to think that Corriedale wool went into the making of the greatcoats and uniforms and jumpers for the soldiers in the freezing trenches in Europe. The breed started in New Zealand and Australia at around the same time, so we like to blend in with the ANZAC theme – Australian and New Zealand  Associated Corriedales.

We had a bit of fun too, Henry Thompson took his ram ‘Curry Nuts’ to the food Hall to be interviewed on Saturday afternoon. And our girls arrived with two Corriedale Throws made from our wool. They are so soft and beautiful, with loft and lustre, which are  qualities Corriedales have claimed for their wool since 1914.











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