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The Royal Easter Show goes for two weeks. One million people they expect to stream through the gates. Because we’re on the animal walk – follow the hoofprints – a lot of them come through the Sheep Pavilion, past Frisco’s pen.

My mind is bursting with being at the Show. There’s so much to take in, new products, interesting food, clothes, make up, you can tell I’m from the country.  For the city dwellers there are the animals and how they love the animals. They smell weird, they look weird and they move – they’re alive and they can touch them. 

Frisco has to be the most photographed animal at the show this year.  He stood and enjoyed the people for hours and then he’d lie down and have a little rest and then up he’d get and stand for them again.

Frisco is a Corriedale ram. Quiet, three years old and weighs in at 130 kilos. Actually he has a beautiful temperament.

I just loved looking at the faces of the young kids who maybe hadn’t seen such a large animal before. The joy and amazement and delight  at this huge woolly beast who stood quietly and let them touch him.



Then there were the ones who took photos and wrapped themselves in Corriedale and let me take pictures of them,

3                         4             5          

  6  And they loved wearing Corriedale too.   By the way,  Hannibal came second and Hamish got a first.

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