The Reveal


                                                        0214 HCSecrets_Final (1)

For those of you who have fantasized about what Robbie looked like from the front. Here she is.  I love the new cover.

A Dream of Something More is soon to be an e book.I was thrilled when Momentum wanted to re release it.  Robbie was my first hero.  I love her to death but boy, how does she get everything so wrong. An affair – why not, but she thinks if she writes out a rule book and everyone  sticks to it  – they will both walk away at the end of the year and no one’s going to get hurt. I did try to tell her.

And who could predict Nick coming to live upstairs.

I think everyone has to take something for themselves, a little time, an opportunity that suddenly presents itself, a

piece of a dream.  Robbie does, eventually, but it has consequences, as does everything you decide to do.

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One Response to The Reveal

  1. Lynn Roughsedge says:

    Great news Jane , looking forward to the e Book release . Hope all well with you , take care .

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